About SOS

Just like the header says: Swagged Out ROMs are based on stock, deodexed releases and strive to maintain a stock feel. At the same time, Swagged Out Stock likes to add a bit of Swag as well.

There are now two versions of Swagged Out Stock:
  • v1.9.X.X based off of the latest 4.54.651.1 OTA update (starting with v1.9.0.5)
  • v0.9.X.X based off of the older 4.24.651.1 OTA update
Both versions should have the same features unless otherwise noted. The only difference is the base ROM. 

There are also two flavors of Swagged Out Stock (aka SOS):
  • Swag = ON - This is a rooted, deodexed ROM with bloatware removed and some theme improvements mixed with as many hacks as possible added
  • Swag = OFF - This is a rooted, stock, deodexed ROM with bloatware removed and hacks added.
Choose your Swag wisely...

Swagged Out:
When your swag is so great that the second you walk into a room b_tches be on your d_ck.

My name is Sam Sarsten. I am a contributing editor for Good and EVO. Feel free to call me swagstr. This is the first ROM I have ever written.

I would like to thank dsixda for his HTC Android Kitchen. I would also like to thank NinjaWolf for compiling the base rooxed, deodexed ROM for the 4.53.651.1 version and xHausx (and tommytomatoe for helping me update the ROM to 4.54.651.1) for the 4.24.651.1 version. None of this would have been possible without those three people.

I'd also like to thank HTC and Sprint for the awesome phone. As well as, Jenn K. Lee for running Good and EVO!