Based off of 4.54/4.53.651.1 OTA update
v1.9.0.8 - SWAG FLU (1.4)
Swag = OFF

  • Actually included visual voicemail
  • Updated all apps
Swag = ON
  • Reverting Browser/Internet to the version used in v1.9.0.5 (only 7 tabs max and the advanced options are not on by default) - this is WAY more stable in my opinion
  • Update Market (which is supposed to be way faster) and actually change the icons to be colorful
  • Change the Mail and Wifi Hotspot icons to be colorful and not look stupid against the black background
  • Change the stock lock screen to say "Swagged Out Stock"
  • Add tommytomatoes custom SystemUI and theme for SOS accordingly
  • Add Tweaks app and give it some Swag (only minimal features will be available in this release) - thanks to gruesomewolf, tommytomatoe, and romanbb
  • Update Voicemail app (and make sure to include the damn thing in Swag = OFF
  • Change the Comfortaa font that shows up in password boxes to Roboto
  • New custom dock
  • SOS App included and updated!
v1.9.0.7 - SNAP BACK SWAG (11.29)
Swag = OFF
  • Updated all apps
  • Replaced 4-in-1 Reboot Mod with Advanced Power Menu
Swag = ON
  • New all black status bar
  • New ICS wallpapers (with and without Swag)
v1.9.0.7 - Special Edition (11.22)
Swag = ON
  • Removed the WiMax vulnerability in the ramdisk, app included (Wimax Patcher), must be used to get on WiMax (I'll explain more later) - thanks TrevE
  • Themed
    • Statusbar
    • HTC Clock Widget - thanks to NCX for some images
    • Dock (re-themed)
    • Lock bar (re-themed) - thanks to 00McD00
    • Overscroll effect - thanks to genisis7
    • HTC_IME MOD keyboard - thanks to Jonasl for his keyboard kitchen
    • ICS wallpaper
  • New font, Roboto, from ICS
  • New Phone, Music, and USB icons to mesh with themes better
  • Browser now supports unlimited tabs (but going over 7 will cause it to crash)
  • Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard (from Market) added and GB keyboard removed (you may still have it after the update, remove it manually)
  • Superuser, ROM Manager, Market, ES File Explorer, and Street View all updated
  • Holding volume rocker during music will now change songs - thanks jermaine151
  • Pressing volume rocker will now turn on the screen (and adjust the volume obviously) - thanks jjdoctor
  • 2.3.5 rotation animation added - thanks tommytomatoe
  • Signature verification removed - thanks tommytomatoe
  • Advanced Power Menu added - thanks ca1ne
  • Animations added - thanks myn
v1.9.0.6 - Test build (11.14)
  • Experimenting with themed elements
  • Keep fiending users from going crazy
v1.9.0.5 - Stable (10.31)
  • Updated ROM to 4.54 OTA
  • CIQ Removal - 100%
  • Removed all pre-installed apps for easier upgrades - check out the Essential App Pack
  • More goodies... but big things are to come
v1.9.0.5 RC2.2 - 10.24

  • Upgraded Superuser to v3.0.6 and upgraded the SU binary to 3.0.1 for stability
  • For Swag = ON, added a new bottom bar to the notification pulldown, looks fresh in both landscape and portrait. 
v1.9.0.5 RC2.1 - 10.21

  • Reverted Superuser back to v2.3.6.3 and downgraded SU binary for stability
v1.9.0.5 RC2 - Full ROM (10.19)
WARNING: This update will require a full wipe (data, cache, and dalvik-cache), please nandroid/backup accordingly. However, if you do not do a full wipe, the only new feature you won't get is the new bookmarks. (* = Swag = ON only)
  • CRT Animations On/Off* - thanks gruesomewolf
  • Fixed 3G/1X showing right
  • Google Search FC fixed
  • Apps updated
  • Jwele's RAM Tweak added
  • ESPT with advanced options added
  • build.prop correct
v1.9.0.5 RC1 Swag = OFF - Full ROM (10.11)
WARNING: This update will require a full wipe (data, cache, and dalvik-cache), please nandroid/backup accordingly. However, if you do not do a full wipe, the only new feature you won't get is the MMS compression fix.
  • Added G&E, Google Music (from ICS), Google Plus (from ICS), and black Netflix apps (and some Swag = ON apps on accident)
  • Updated Adobe Flash Player, Superuser, Facebook, Maps, ES File Explorer, ROM Manager, Adfree, and Gmail
  • Fix Google Talk w/Video not doing video
  • Removed more HTC Loggers files
  • MMS compression fix will be implemented after full wipe flash - thanks Calkulin
v1.9.0.5 RC1 Swag = ON - Full ROM (10.9)
WARNING: This update will require a full wipe (data, cache, and dalvik-cache), please nandroid/backup accordingly. However, if you do not do a full wipe, the only new feature you won't get is the MMS compression fix.
  • Included all the sweetness of the nightlies
  • Added a transparent App Drawer (5 Row App Drawer MetaMorph coming soon) - thanks Calkulin
  • Added G&E app and ICS's Google Music and Google Plus
  • Added black Netflix app (with rotation) - thanks Dblfstr
  • Reverted to previous version of Superuser (should stop those damn FCs)
  • MMS compression fix will be implemented after full wipe flash - thanks Calkulin
  • Note: The MetaMorphs for the dropdowns will be edited soon, they are missing some files
v1.9.0.5 Nightlies 10.7 - Flashable .zip to be flashed over Nightlies 10.4
  • Notification pulldown updated with Brightness meter/toggle and Auto Rotation toggle - thanks ca1ne
  • Moved Gmail back to /data/app
  • Added colorful Gmail icon for incoming emails (now it's all pretty!)
  • Updated Facebook and Superuser
  • May have fixed MMS compression - keep me posted
  • Created MetaMorph themes to switch the notification pulldown (w/Recent Apps) to 4 different backgrounds (white, transparent white, black, transparent black) - special instructions for these themes can be found at the XDA thread here
v1.9.0.5 Nightlies 10.4 - Flashable .zip to be flashed over Nightlies 10.3
  • Darker background for notification pulldown, removed HTC EVO 4G text from pulldown
  • Fixed white from showing up during download
  • Updated Flash Player (again)
  • Moved Gmail and Voicemail to /system/app
  • Changed Notifications and Quick Settings boxes to ldc2335's style (much cooler)
  • 3G/1X should work - thanks for the tip JD2589
v1.9.0.5 Nightlies 10.3
  • Added transparent notification pulldown (including for downloading files - not working yet) - including Quick Settings and Recent Apps (RA and QS removal themes coming soon) - HUGE thanks to gruesomewolf for compiling this for me
  • Removed HTC Loggers lib (a CIQ-related app)
  • Google Talk w/video should be fixed (let me know)
  • Updated Gmail, Adfree, Flash Player, and ES File Explore
v1.9.0.4 - Beta
  • Updated Market, Superuser, ES File Explorer, ROM Manager, Flash Player, and Google Maps to the latest version
  • Added Quick Settings and Recent Apps to notification pulldown - thanks ca1ne (just Quick Settings and with GPS icon coming soon)
  • Changed themes to MetaMorph (now included with ROM), makes it easier to add themes piecemeal (Still in progress - will be final in
  • Added No-frills CPU Control - thanks hrk for the app and thanks to cbarth3 for the tip (if you prefer SetCPU, simply uninstall this app after installation)
  • Added color to lockbar when receiving call - thanks mjhuffer
v1.9.0.2 - Minor update
  • Updated Facebook, Adobe Flash Player, ES File Explorer, Voice Search
  • Removed HTC Loggers (a CIQ-related app)
 v1.9.0.1 -  Minor update
  • Updated Freedom kernel to v0.9 (supports TeamWin's HDMI mirroring) - thanks lithid-cm
  • Removed SetCPU per developers request (this will remove SetCPU from your EVO) - all XDA users can grab SetCPU from here (for free)
v1.9.0.0 - New version of SOS 9.11
  • Initial Release (includes all updates of v0.9.9.8 and all the features of the 4.24 version of SOS)

Based off of 4.24.651.1 OTA update
v0.9.9.8 - Bad ass update 9.11
  • Updated Maps and Adobe Flash Player
  • Added Adobe Reader, Facebook, and ROM Manager to ROM 
  • Added more max browser tabs (from 4 to 7)
  • Enabled native screenshot (hold power button then tap home, pictures saved in DCIM folder)
  • Added back many system apps to improve stability (including Weather Wallpaper which brings back those cool weather animations to your home screen)
  • Changed default wallpaper
  • Removed a useless lib file saving almost 7MB
Swag = ON
  • Changed to a sexy black Rosie navbar
  • Gingerbread overscroll effect added
Swag = OFF
  • Implemented new method to switch from Swag = ON to Swag = OFF, should improve upload times of ROMs
v0.9.9.7 - Minor Update 9.1
  • Fix Market error
  • Disable OTA updates (don't want y'all disabling root)
v0.9.9.6 - Decent Update 8.27
  • Properly added back HTC Sync Widget
  • Applied Navigation Fix
  • Finished CIQ stripping
  • Updated Android Market to v3.1.3
  • Updated Adobe Flash Player to v10.3.186.6
   - Swag = OFF:
  • Fixed build.prop to enable ROM Manager upload and OTA updates
   - Swag = ON:
  • Slightly different lock screen bar (looks better IMO)

v0.9.9.5+ - Minor Update 8.23
  • Added back HTC Sync Widget (improperly, fix coming next release)
  • Enabled ROM Manager OTA Updates (uploading to ROM Manager as v0.9.9.5 - but, trust me, it is v0.9.9.5+ - Swag = OFF had some issues v0.9.9.6 will address this)
  • Updated ES File Explorer to v1.0.6.4
v0.9.9.5 - Public Release 8.20
  • Updated Maps to v5.9.0
  • Added Stock Voicemail as a removable app
  • Branched ROM into two sub-sections: Swag = OFF (what I have been releasing) and Swag = ON (including Swagification cooked-in)
   - Swag = ON:
  • Added new kernel (Freedom a0.6)
  • Added modded Rosie, SystemUI (status bar and notification area), lock screen, and services.jar (for USB debug and GPS icons)
  • Added comfortaa font
  • Added new boot animation
  • Swapped out stock keyboard for stock keyboard with black background
  • Added two new keyboard options (removable)
  • Added LaunchKey (for Rosie) and SetCPU (for kernel) - both removable, although I don't recommend removing LaunchKey
v0.9.9 - Public Release 8.15
  • Reverted to v9.5 base
  • Added ES File Explorer
  • Updated Flash Player
  • Added Telenav (for Navigation FCs)
  • Updated YouTube
  • Reverted to stock kernel (w/Wireless-N fix)
  • Added SD card speed fix and zipalign on boot
  • Changed Wifi scan to 90 seconds
  • Reverted to stock keyboard and font
v0.9.5 - Public Release!
  • No features added
  • Updated Gmail
  • Added bash support
  • Added Talk w/Video Chat (and it's working!)
  • Removed boot soundChanged default wallpaper
  • Added nano text editor + sysro/sysrw
  • Added Apps2SD
  • Moved dalvik cache to SD
  • Updated to new Market
  • Moved Voice and Street View for Maps to /data/app/ - can be removedMoved YouTube to /data/app/ - can be removed
  • Added Swype (removable)
  • Removed some CIQ system .apks
v0.9 - First Public Release!
  • Update Maps to v5.8
  • Added AdFree
  • Added DSPManager
  • Too many apps removed to count