How to root an HTC EVO 4G running Gingerbread OTA 4.24 - 4.54. Also, a complete guide: How to root, backup, and flash new ROM and kernel on your HTC EVO 4G can be found here.

How to flash a .zip (ROMs, themes, etc.)
Below are general directions for installing any flashable .zip file. This could be a ROM, update, theme, add-on - it doesn't matter, the process is the same. To ensure user satisfaction, nothing I release will require a wipe (except for dalvik-cache, which is wiped during flashes) unless explicitly stated (or if you are coming from another ROM). This rule may be broken for major updates.
  1. Download file (ROM, theme, update, add-on) and move the file to your EVO's SD card
  2. Reboot into recovery (in SOS: hold power button > Reboot > Recovery)
  3. Make a nandroid backup of your current setup (just in case something goes bad)
  4. Flash file (ROM, update, add-on)
  5. Reboot
  6. Enjoy!
That's it! You should now be Swagged Out!

NOTE: When flashing SOS for the first time, you should follow these instructions for wiping your phone properly.

How to use MetaMorph (themes, add-ons)
MetaMorph is a tricky tool used for theming and is actually really useful (because you can run several different mods at once in the same file).

A YouTube walthrough along with a tutorial can be found at this blog post.

Removed App Pack - Selective Install
If you have downloaded the RAP, but don't want to send all of the bloatware back, follow these directions: 

  1. Download the Removed App Pack of your choice
  2. Grab 7-Zip and install this program (not necessary if you already have it)
  3. Right-click on the .zip file > 7-Zip > Open Archive
  4. All the files in the .zip will be shown, you want to open the system > app folder (or possibly: /data/app)
  5. Delete all the apps you don't want (a better idea is to find the apps you do want and delete the rest)
  6. Close 7-zip > move .zip file to root of EVO's SD card
  7. Flash the .zip in recovery
  8. Enjoy [bloatware] again!
[LEGACY] Special Instructions for Swag = OFF Users
This is only for v0.9.9.8 of SOS. I have decided to stop making Swag = OFF as a separate full ROM. Don't worry! I am not discontinuing this flavor of the ROM, I just find it tedious to make an update to this flavor every new version. The files that make Swag = ON and Swag = OFF different (almost) never change. So, from now on, Swag = OFF users will have to use these directions to keep them up-to-date:
  1. Download the latest version of Swag = ON (you need this, because it is a full ROM, with all of the updates of the latest version)
  2. Then, download the Swag = OFF enabler, this will be updated as necessary (but not with every version). 
  3. Finally, download the Swag = OFF update file. This file is optional, however, without this file, if you go to Settings > About Phone > Software information, you will see the wrong version number. This will cause you to not receive OTA updates from ROM Manager. If this feature does not seem important to you, then you only need to complete the first two steps. 
All of these files will be located in the Downloads page and on ROM Manager. Yes, it's a tad inconvenient, but this will give you the latest version of SOS, with that stock look you love.

If you hate this method, feel free to head over to the forums or Twitter and let me know ;)