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4.54.651.1 (latest OTA)
v1.9.0.8 | SWAG FLU - 1.4
DOWNLOAD | MIRROR - Swag = ON (187.29 MB)
DOWNLOAD | MIRROR - Swag = OFF (180.11 MB)
Full Essential App Pack (75 MB) - Updated on 11.1
Basic Essential App Pack (15.9 MB) - Updated on 11.1
YouTube video explaining EAPs
Directions for EAPs at the top of the Q&A

4.24.651.1 (two OTA's ago)
v0.9.9.8 - 9.11
Multiupload (Mirror) | Mediafire (Mirror) - Swag = ON
Multiupload (Mirror) | Mediafire (Mirror) - Swag = OFF Enabler for v0.9.9.8+

Follow these directions if you are currently using a previous version of SOS.
  • No special instructions, just flash the .zip. If going from a 0.9.X.X version to a 1.9.X.X version, be sure to make a nandroid (if you have trouble transferring data, go back to your nandroid backup and then use MyBackup Root or Titanium to transfer data over). 
Of course, you can always grab the latest versions of SOS for free from ROM Manager on the weekdays (Premium users only on the weekends, because I'm lazy and use the easy service to upload my ROMs).