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All the stuff you need to make your EVO running Swagged Out Stock awesome (or bring it back to stock). This section also provides you with removed apps, essential apps, and misc. add-ons. Enjoy! Head over to the Installation page for help with flashing .zips.

Freedom (with undervolt choices):
Chopsuey Beta (gives you HDMI mirroring): 
Chopsuey Stable:
Golden Monkey: 
Stock with N fix: 

Icon Removal
Got too many icons on your status bar? Me too! This flashable .zip will remove the alarm clock, headset, USB debugging icons (and more). Making your status bar nice and clean.

Icon Removal (Swag = ON)
Icon Removal (Swag = OFF)

Android Lock Screen
Sometimes, you want to be able to slide left-to-right instead of up-and-down. For those interested, here is the Android Lock Screen. Just flash this puppy and you are good to go!

Android Lock Screen

To return to the HTC Lock Screen you must flash the .zip below. Note: this is only for Swag = ON. If you are using Swag = OFF, reflash the Unswagification Pack, this will UNDO any other modifications (themes, kernels, etc.) you have made to SOS, though.

HTC Lock Screen (Swag = ON only)

Classic Android Market
The latest update for the Android Market is pretty slick, but I've heard some people wishing for the old guy back. Here he is!

Classic Android Market

To return to the latest Android Market, you simply need to reflash the ROM (Swag = ON) or Unswagification Pack (Swag = OFF), this will UNDO any other modifications (themes, kernels, etc.) you have made to SOS, though.

Stock HTC EVO 4G font: Flashable .zip
Comfortaa font pack (stock font for Swag = ON): Flashable .zip - thanks to aajohan
Hundreds more fonts found at this thread

Removed App Packs
(' = uninstallable system app|* = easily uninstallable non-system app)

First the bloatware:
Multiupload (Mirror) | Mediafire (Mirror) - Removed App Pack

Amazon MP3'
App Sharing '
Checkin Provider' (was removed to block OTA updates)
Footprints + widget'
Genie Widget'
HTC Car Panel'
HTC IQ Agent (this is a CIQ app)'
HTC Mobile Guide'
IQRD (this is a CIQ app)'
Stocks + widget'

Now, the Sprint Pack - it is recommended you use the CIQ Adder, listed below to ensure that Sprint Apps work properly
Download - Sprint App Pack

Qik Video Chat* (from Market)
Sprint Mobile Alerts* (from Market)
Telenav Navigator* (from Market)
Sprint Radio* (from Market)
Sprint TV + widget'
Sprint Zone'

Sports Pack - including the two Sprint Sport Apps (I hope to get updated versions soon), this also may require CIQ to be added back
Download - Sprint Sports Pack 

NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile'
Sprint Football Live'

Live Wallpaper Pack - includes all those cool wallpapers removed during Swagification
Download - Live Wallpaper Pack

HTC Weather Wallpaper' (which is included in the ROM)
Live Wallpapers' (random LWP)
Magic Smoke Wallpapers'
Mode 10 Wallpapers' (Sense LWP)
Visualization Wallpapers'

Instructions on how to send back select apps (i.e. not all) are found on the Installation page.

Essential App Pack
Dev-Host (Mirror) - Essential App Pack (8.22)

Normally, ROMs come with a lot of apps that many users will use often, but I know that everybody won't use them. Due to that reason, I try to include as few apps as possible (and make them fully uninstallable). For those that do like to have some extra apps added in easily, this is the right place for you! The instructions are the same as the Removed App Pack, except the apps are located in /data/app. 

Apps included in the EAP:
  • Amazon Appstore 
  • Docs 2 Go 
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus - PM on G&E forum or hit me up on Twitter for an invite 
  • Google Music - PM on G&E forum or hit me up on Twitter for an invite 
  • Juice Defender - this thing will save you so much battery life, trust me
  • Modded Netflix - Much better than stock, featured on G&E 
  • ROM Manager - SOS can be found on ROM Manager
  • Skype
CIQ Adder
If you are a fan of Sprint apps, you may need this. CIQ is explained here, and the reason it is not included in this ROM can be found here. However, according to this, you shouldn't worry too much about CIQ. If you are having problems running Sprint apps, try flashing this.

Swag = ON
Swag = OFF

To re-strip CIQ, you simply need to reflash the ROM (Swag = ON) or Unswagification Pack (Swag = OFF), this will UNDO any other modifications (themes, kernels, etc.) you have made to SOS, though.

Splash Screen
White-on-black Splash Screen (looks great with the boot animation for SOS): 

Place this file on the root of your SD card, use the 4-in-1 reboot mod to reboot into the bootloader, select BOOTLOADER, press volume up to confirm install, then volume up again to reboot, enjoy! Make sure the file is name "" and not something like "PC36IMG (1).zip" or it won't flash. Thanks to JSZESZE for the splash screen and thepiecesfit for making this

Amon RA Recovery
Using ROM Manager, an app included with SOS, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the in-app options. The first-to-last option (under "More Recoveries") will read "Flash Alternative Recovery." Use this to flash Amon RA Recovery. 

swagstr personally recommends Amon's recovery over ClockworkMod. However, ROM Manager is so damn easy! So the choice is really up to you :)