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This ROM is based on the last two OTA updates for the HTC EVO 4G: 4.54.651.1 and 4.24.651.1. The ROM is rooted and has had as much bloatware removed as possible. The goal of this ROM is to give those that enjoy the stock ROM a clean environment to work in. The look of this version is 100% stock.


The Goods
(This side is for the 4.53 version|This side is for the 4.24 version)
  • Rooted, stock, deodexed ROM base - thanks to NinjaWolf|thanks to xHausx
  • Stock kernel with Wireless-N fix - thanks to ca1ne|thanks to github
  • Sprint's Hotspot App is unlocked and free (as is USB tethering) - thanks noimjosh
  • 4-in-1 Reboot Mod for easy access to recovery (featured on G&E) - thanks ca1ne
  • TONS of useless system apps removed - thanks me :)
  • Apps2SD enabled - thanks to dsixda's kitchen
  • Zipaligns on boot - thanks to Virus|thanks to ldc2335
  • SD Card speed fix and other cool tweaks enabled - thanks to Virus
  • Adjust Wi-Fi scan to 90 seconds to help battery life
  • dalvik cache moved to SD card - thanks to dsixda's kitchen
  • Added Nano text editor + sysro/sysrw and Bash - thanks to dsixda's kitchen
  • Busybox installed - thanks to dsixda's kitchen
  • Some extra apps installed as well (AdFree, DSPManager, ES File Explorer, Facebook, ROM Manager) - fully uninstallable, can be moved to SD card, etc.
  • Some system apps have been moved to /data/app/ to make them uninstallable, movable to SD card, etc. (Gmail, Maps, Street, Swype, Voice Search, YouTube)
  • All apps (including Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and Market) updated to latest version - as of release
  • Google Talk with Video Chat Enabled (front facing camera is sideways - Sense's problem)
  • CIQ is fully removed - find out why by reading this G&E article
  • OTA Updates via ROM Manager Premium
  • Max tabs open in Browser bumped up from 4 to 7 - thanks to steelh
  • Native screenshots enabled (hold power button then tap home, pictures saved in DCIM folder - thanks to freeza
  • Some lib files removed to save space
  • Custom wallpaper
  • Probably more... follow changes at the Changelog page.
Download Links
Found in the Downloads page.

Installation/Update Instructions
Found in the Installation page.

Swag = OFF users: After version be sure to follow this post (which will be updated periodically) to make sure you update correctly.

Please report all bugs to me via the G&E forum thread (4.53|4.24), xda-developers thread (4.53 only), or Twitter.