Sunday, November 27, 2011

The MetaMorph Theme: Explained

I love me some MetaMorph themes. Y'all know that by now. But why? Normally, devs give you an easy flashable .zip that includes a bunch of files that make your EVO really cool. But the thing that sucks about flashable .zips is that you can't pick and choose what pieces of themes you want to add.

You want: the stock battery without percentage, the stock lock bar, Comfortaa font, black/green dock, Messages right button, and the nostalgic Swagged status bar.
Normally, you would have to either learn how to edit the .apks yourself or bug me enough times until I actually make a flashable .zip for you ;)
Luckily, with MetaMorph themes, you can add exactly what you want to your Swagged Out EVO - because let's face it, we all want to customize our Swag :)

How to MetaMorph
So, I been getting a lot of questions about how these work. I made a YouTube tutorial awhile back and realized I never posted it for you guys to check out. Here it is below:
Remember, anytime you flash an update, your mods will be removed. But MetaMorphs are super easy to add, so it will only take you about five minutes to return to your customized Swag.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion. If any of you have questions, comment below!

- swagstr


  1. Are certain metamorph themes not compatible with Swagged Out? I want to get into the themes. But where do I locate ones that work with your rom?

  2. Any MetaMorph designed for Gingerbread 2.3.3 and Sense 1.0 should work. Others MAY work (trial and error is a good strategy). Umm.. you can email me at this email if you are planning on doing your own theming ;)

  3. Just my opinion, I hate the metamorph themes! I can't figure them out! It makes me feel so dumb! I wish I had flashable zips!

  4. Keep trying Jaman, trust me... They're worth it (for some things lol)

  5. U ted ur method u xplained swagster and it did not work so i ended up flashing the theme from recovery, no big deal ur roms are worth it man, keep up good work...swag


  6. You guys may have noticed that most of the themes are now flashable .zips. This should make things easier (I know MetaMorph can be a pain). But to save me time and to make modding for you guys easier, there are still some MetaMorph themes lying around (Right Icon Changer and Lock Bar to name a few).

  7. I'm new to SOS n and I was attempting to use Metamorph. I download the file I want for the dock icons. However when I go into Metaphor I can't see the file I downloaded. I went onto my SD card files and I could see that the file is there. Can someone please let me know what I'm doing wrong. Thank you!