Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Battery Life Concerns

We all have had different experiences with our battery. This is what my EVO looked like today. As you can see, lots and lots of use. This is the stock battery, btw... I can squeeze a lot more out of my 3500mAh extended battery.

Here's my setup:

  • SOS v1.9.0.7 (Swag = ON)
  • Lithid's Freedom v0.9 Less
  • CPU: 768MHz/245MHz
  • Governor: InteractiveX
  • RAM Tweak: Juwe11's built-in
  • Task Killer: none
  • Clock speed app: No Frills CPU Control
  • Usage: Heavy (games, lots of Tapatalk, occasional Googling, etc.)

What's your battery life like? Post your setup and results in the comments below.


  1. I usually keep my phone on a charger, but I sure as hell ain't getting no 18 hours. I think I drop to the early 80's/ late 70's (%) after an hour walk in which I use my zune for music. I think 99% of it depends on cell signal though, and I actually am in shock because I checked and I have full signal.... when'd that happen? Must be the construction equipment outside boosting my signal. I average -50 bars.

    Today I'll be at my sister's watching her dumb kid while her and her husband go out and do dumb things, I'm usually there maybe four hours and that's the only time I give my phone heavy use and when I leave my battery's usually just about dead, but I've always made it home to the charger in time.

    What's important is while using SOS I've yet to be in a situation where my phone has died while I haven't had access to a charger.

    SOS v1.9.0.7 (Swag = ON)
    default SOS kernel
    CPU: 800-998MHz/245MHz
    Governor: InteractiveX
    RAM Tweak: If you mean built-in as in comes with the rom then I guess I got juwe11's, but I don't even know what this is so if you're supposed to boot it up and do something to it then yeah I don't know heheheheheheaaaaaaa
    Task Killer: none
    Clock speed app: No Frills CPU Control
    Usage: I facebook message with one person, check my forum with forum runner, check another forum with the default browser, play minebuilder once a week or so for two minutes until I remember I'm not into it, check amazon app store for the free app of the day, basically I do nothing except when I'm watching my sister's stupid kid

    Look at it this way, you've put out less than 3000 updates yet SOS is better than CM7 (and everything else for that matter). People having problems either have a corrupted install and need to do a reinstall, didn't properly wipe, or don't live near one of the three half-operational towers located in hidden vaults inside america. I'd recommend putting in a usage statistics thingy though.

  2. 7:23 40% though I waited less than two minutes to type this and it's at 38

    I've literally barely touched the phone

    To me that's fine, it's not hard to find an outlet in 2011

    Also, this is probably android or sense, but icons in folders turn into the generic android icon for I think just apps on the sd card, again no big deal at all at least for me

    ALSO, I can't log into xda and I can't get the password reminder email even though it says it's sent so you add me to gtalk

    I'm down to 36%, I'm not high so this didn't take me five hours to type out this time hhahaha

  3. I had to login to post that, down to 34%

    I guess it does die pretty fast when I'm actually using it

    Do you keep your phone on the charger often or do you let it fully, or almost drain? I keep mine charging constantly, if you do differently let me know and I'll run my phone exactly like yours to see if it makes a difference


  4. I started the day at 100% got to work and was at 96% turned on 4g and downloaded a tool cd so I would have some new music at work time I was done downloading and unzipped the mp3 file I was at 80% jammed out for almost 5 hours and made 2 ten minute phone calls and added a person to my contacts I turned the screen on every time I change songs and the headset volume was up all the wayi got home and I was at 62% from the time I unpluged it till the time I olives it back in was 6.75 hours I have the same set up but I use aggressive freedom 175 undervolted

  5. My battery issues are abt that same. I need a good. battery monitor program. thought abt buying setpc.

    Side note. Is it possible for me to uninstall the essential app pack? I am new to rooting and love this swag rom but don't use any of those apps In the pack.

  6. joe, you don't have to install that

    But you did and I never have, so I'm assuming you can uninstall them normally right? if so get something with a mass uninstaller like advanced task manager by aaron la

    There's also a way to remove apps by deleting them from the apps folder but I keep forgetting how.............. HEY SAM HOW DO I REMOVE PEEP AGAIN AND WILL THAT WORK FOR JOE'S PROBLEM? DAMN I HATE TWITTER SO MUCH

  7. @jobujoe44 Listen to steveyos

    @steveyos /system/app/HtcTwitter.apk or something like that. I'll double check it later.

  8. That's all I needed I'll remember it from now on hahahaha thanks