Wednesday, December 14, 2011


In honor of the SOS blog reaching 100,000 page views, I have decided to release the SOS App for public release.

DOWNLOAD (no password necessary)

Remember, this app is 100% stable, but it is not 100% complete.

The app currently has four tabs: News (which gets its content from this blog), Themes (which gets its content from the Themes page on this blog - which is out of date BTW), Q&A (which hasn't really been touched yet), and BETA Themes - No DLs yet (which is what the final Themes section will look like - and yes, there are no downloads... yet).

The point of this app is simple, I'm not Sprint, I can't send you a text if something is wrong with your phone. However, I have been running this blog to keep you all updated with the latest Swagged Out news. Originally, this app was simply going to be a way for you all to stay up to date without having to search the internet to find this page first.

But then, PFCLand (who is MIA at the moment) and I sat down and thought up a really cool idea to provide an app that would allow SOS users a place on their EVO where they could download all of the add-ons that Team Swag provides to their users.

For months, I have had these ideas up in my head. I really wanted to release this sooner and am still hesitant to release this now (since it is still a bit away from completion). But I feel you guys can appreciate the app for what it's worth and hopefully you can enjoy the app in it's incomplete form.

In the next few weeks, I hope to provide you all with another great release for the ROM. At the same time, I will be providing the app with incremental updates. The app does not need to be re-downloaded; you simply need to hit the refresh button (lower left) for the app to reset its content (and update itself).

Last but not least: The SOS App is coming to the Android Market soon! More details to come!



  2. It's not quite app-ready yet... but here is the link.

    If you don't like the new dock, you can easily switch to the old dock that is in the Themes page of the blog.

  3. Hah it was right under my nose! I'll check it out I don't mind if it's not done, I wanna start learning how to theme soon anyway

  4. it's ill, I love it nigga

    I tried ics and it's amazing please tell me SOS will upgrade to ice cream sandwich when it's stable (which it actually already is

  5. Well, ICS is AOSP... Swagged Out Stock is not.

    So, will THIS ROM ever be updated to ICS... no.

    However, the HTC EVO 3D and Design 4G have both been slated to received ICSense updates. So once those are out... you may see a port to the EVO 4G from me ;)

  6. Isn't sense just htc's home launcher skinned over regular android? Sense right now beats aosp, but ics aosp (aosp= regular android right?) from what I used of it definitely seemed better than sense. I'm going to assume htc stepped their game up with the new sense though.

    All I know is I'm stuck with the evo4g for another year and a half so here's my plans:

    1. Stick with SOS unless an ICS rom that isn't your's is released that's at least equally as stable as SOS........ chances of that happening: 0-33%

    2. Stick with SOS until you release SOICS (swagged out ice cream sandwich you're welcome for the name, or ice cream sense)

    3. There is no plan 3, nothing can beat swagged out

  7. Well, it's pretty much a skin. But it's integrated a little bit more than a skin.

    And AOSP (where our custom ROMs come from) is built from source, so yes, it's pure Android... but it's not quite what will lie under ICSense.

    P.S.: ICSense looks like garbage, once a stable AOSP ROM comes out, I may Swag that beez out or go with a Senseless ICSense ROM.

  8. Whatever you choose I'm on board that's all I know

    I just had a great idea and downloaded the pink theme figuring there'd be a bunch of image files and all I'd have to do is edit them and BOOM make a theme but it's full of apk's, I'm gonna need a tutorial

    What's the plan with the SOS app? I think it should have easter eggs

  9. Which images do you want to edit... I may have some .PSDs available for your likings.

  10. I think the notification and dock would be the best places to start

    I was also thinking about carving the ui into wood and painting it, then taking a picture of it I think that might be cool