Sunday, January 1, 2012

Swagged Out Update

v1.9.0.8 is coming very soon!

There are going to be a lot changes coming in the next few days. Looking forward to implementing these. Hope you guys are excited as us at Team Swag are!!!

Ignore this: a14e9d07620edc7


  1. I can't wait! Thanks for all you work!

  2. Wow that's really cool. I really hope part of the changes is to fix the lagging home screen and the white page when you press the home button.

  3. I just tried to comment and it said I don't have permission to maybe I clicked the wrong thing either way my post is gone now oy vey it's probably because I basically called android stupid

    long story short I LOVE SOS UPDATES

  4. General question... Does the Sprint Hotspot work on this ROM without subscribing to Sprints service for the hotspot capability?