Wednesday, October 19, 2011

v1.9.0.5 RC2

New release! Both Swag = ON and Swag = OFF. Enjoy!


  1. Flashing without wiping as I don't use bookmarks in my browser. As the changelog says it shouldn't affect anything but of course I'll let you know if my phone blows up and kills me. Also, does the pink dock bar still work? I notice it's not in the themes section and I'm not sure if you have to change actual codes or just edit image files to do that. If it will work I forget where the download for it is so please help me find it. I don't get why people think pink is just for girls.

  2. Head over to XDA. Waiting to update the blog.

  3. aw dude I made such a long post but it ended up not posting. damn. dammit. damn it.

    thanks, I got the navbar working but metamorph gave me two force close popups that kept alternating and I had to hold the power button and it just restarted itself without any prompts but after doing that it worked. I coulda sworn a couple versions ago when I did it that I flashed it through clockwork recovery but this time it said failed and then I noticed the metamorph thing. Just letting you know in case it's happening to other people too who don't know how to handle those kind of chaotic error things.

    alright the important part was is it safe to remove "peep" with titanium backup? I've been doing it all along and haven't had any problems yet but I'm not sure if it affects anything I can't visually notice. Also, I recently started using pandora now that it plays more than five songs and I was wondering if uninstalling DSPmanager without opening it would affect sound quality. I'm not sure how the app works and if settings are already played with and by removing it I end up lowering sound quality of whatever it controls. I listen to pandora through a ryobi one speaker work radio so it doesn't sound great anyway but the FM radio through the radio itself seems to sound better than using my phone so I'm not sure DSPmanager being installed affects it. I'm really tired and my last post was 10x longer than this, if you really get your swag on you should be able to piece this post together.

  4. Sorry your full post didn't make it ;)

    Regarding the MetaMorph themes, this is usual. I'm sure people will freak out, let em freak out. If you are tinkerin' with system files the way MetaMorph does, you're gonna get a FC or too. So, yeah, just ignore those in the future.

    Yes, remove the following files (from /system/app with ES File Explorer) if you don't use Twitter, but use Facebook/Friendstream:
    Dun dun! You're Twitter-free now. Let me know if you have any other questions about removing apps in the future.

    DSPManager... just uninstall it. There are no settings by default, just remove it. I may take this out of the ROM, every time I use the damn app it makes Google Music... kinda, "skip." It's odd, but only happens when I'm using DSPManager. We'll see.

    Keep the questions coming ;)

  5. Smooth and quick very good work swagstr! Just would like the metamorphs for the pulldown up but still a awesome rom non the less much faster then rc1

  6. Pulldown MetaMorphs are coming. I got a busy week, so just be patient.

  7. Thanks, that method definitely seems safer than leaving it in the hands of titanium.

    I forget if I mentioned this in the post that didn't get posted or in a previous blog post but I tried that wimax notifier and it was too buggy. I'll wait until you put it right into the rom as you obviously know what you're doing on account of sos being the best rom.

  8. Dude i downloaded tje latest rom but it gave me an older version, and second of all my 4g and wifi doesnt work, how do i fix that? Intermediate skill level here go easy on me

  9. I'm guessing you are using Swag = OFF RC1. There was an error in the file that shows the version number. I would recommend flashing the latest update.

    Regarding your WiFi and such. Head over to the XDA thread and go to post three. There is a Q&A where this question has been addressed.

    Whenever PFC and I put out the Swagged Out App, the Q&A will be built-in, allowing for your questions to be answered faster :)

  10. I updated to rc2 and now netflix is not working. The video gets way behind the audio. I reverted back to the previous version and netflix worked again. I just flashed with a wipe to rc2 again hoping the wipe would clear up the issue and netflix still doesn't work. Any suggestions? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling netflix.

  11. What does swag = on and swag = off mean?,

  12. Swag = ON is more Swag.

    Swag = OFF is less Swag.

    Basically, Swag = OFF has all of the mods of Swag = ON, but it looks completely stock.