Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's up with Superuser!?

Dear SOS Users,

All right. This is definitely the biggest issue facing the SOS ROM right now... AND IT ISN'T EVEN ROM-RELATED. Boo! (That wasn't meant to scare you, I'm just pissed lol)

In RC2, I only included the latest release of Superuser (because I though it was "fixed"). Now, you can't use the uninstall update fix (since it is not "fixed"). So, I offer you all two choices to fix your Superuser woes:

  1. (You may want to clear data first) In Superuser: Preferences > Automatic Response > Allow > Done :) - or - 
  2. Permanent solution (kinda): Flash this and flash this at the same time. This will get you the classic Superuser (that doesn't suck). (First file is the Superuser app, the second is it's bin file)
Hope this helps guys!

And thanks for your continued support of Swagged Out Stock!

- Team Swag


  1. I only had three apps that required root, rom manager setcpu and titianitium backup, and they all worked fine but that wimax notifier one was what made me realize superuser was even still broken. Well I wasn't sure if it was su or the wimax app, but I came to the conclusion the wimax app was buggy and now in the superuser app it's showing the wimax app with metamorph's mutated m logo. I was wondering why I couldn't do the uninstall updates trick. I'd say everything's pretty much fine but maybe that's because of my lack of apps. I set it to allow all just in case I ever find another app worth installing, but I pretty much hate all the apps on android.

  2. Yeah, I think that WiMAX app has been abandoned a long time ago. I messed with it recently and it just flat out sucked. Couldn't get it to work and Superuser was FC'g like crazy.

    The uninstall update trick don't work b/c I included the latest version of Superuser only (my bad). I'll fix that in the near future.