Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wipe Required!? Why?

Here's the deal. My goal in SOS is simple: reduce wipes. I hate wiping... with a passion.

You gotta grab your stuff, back it up (hope it doesn't screw up), put it back on your EVO, hope it all still works.

Lame. I know.

The latest update v1.9.0.5 RC1 does require a wipe for only one reason (well two).
  • The MMS compression fix absolutely requires a fresh install. After you fresh install this version, this will not require another wipe (small price to pay IMO). 
  • I was sloppy in making RC1. When I make updates, I make sure I remove the files that may have been left behind from previous versions. Although I think I did cover my tracks like I normally do, it is possible I didn't. So, even if the MMS fix wasn't in this ROM. I would highly recommend a wipe anyway. 
There you have it. Why a wipe is required. If you don't like it, stick with what you got. But, trust me, it's worth it. Remember, with most ROMs, you have to wipe between every update. This is the first time I have required a wipe and it may just be the only time. Who knows?

Anyways... if you haven't downloaded RC1, grab it now from the downloads section.

Enjoy! :)


  1. I can't say anything for the mms thing as I hate people so I haven't used it yet. I can tell you as of now flashing right over the nightly with no wipe- cache or dalvik, it's still working great. I don't mind and completely understand that this is part of the rom process but I've been on two contracting jobs and my hands hurt just typing this. I'll see if anything goes haywire without the wipe but so far this is just amazing. If this is still literally the BEST rom ever created in a few months I'm totally donating. I'll let the netflix app slide since it's easy to uninstall

  2. also do roms update radios? I've never bothered with worrying about radios and I've been rooting since the G1 without problems, but I'm not sure if it's from roms taking care of it for me or me just getting lucky.

  3. For some reason, the update broke my Superuser & Rom manager and would not play nice to allow me to install my lock bar and launcher I prefer after fresh downloads. Other than that, it seemed fine, but I flashed back to my save even thought that one has a sporadic internet F/C issue for some reason.

  4. I keep losing my 3g signal. Any fix for that?

  5. Actually if the rom itself doesn't update radios, could you tell us what ones you use? I can't tell in rom manager what's the newest because from what I can see the version numbers of whatever prl is and etc are higher in one combo and lower in the other, but the baseband's opposite. I think it's implying the baseband's newer version is actually a lower number. I'm also not even sure if the stock/radio thing in rom manager is even updated by anyone, but according to rom manager your rom's the most outdated so I guess whoever handles those might just not update the date for that either. Help please.

  6. Also could you please use the notification LED for notifications instead of the charging LED, like how CM7 has it? This way we can turn our screens off while our phones are charging and still know when we've got messages. I'm pretty sure the actual stock also used the charging LED as both, maybe they forgot they put two in.

  7. Superuser FC still after update. No Wireless tether since Superuser FC. Can you fix please.

  8. Thanks to 212 via rom manager's comments I managed to research into the radio stuff and figure it out. I guess paying for rom manager was pointless as I have to go to XDA to get what I need, for free. The numbers at the end of the radio versions are MONTH and DAY, instead of just being normal. There's no year either which makes it even more confusing. XDA is way too unorganized, rom manager doesn't have the latest radio, and kernel manager I don't think has been updated since day one. Also you should maybe take a moment out of your day to answer the comments on your site, but for now I'll answer one for you:

    Mele0311- just go into the market, choose uninstall and it'll downgrade superuser to a version that doesn't crash. It's not SOS's fault, it's the app. I haven't had any problems since I bought superuser premium though, but it might just mean the latest version fixed the force close problems, or I've just been lucky.

  9. "do roms update radios?"
    Some do, not this one. Post two at XDA has the latest radios.

    "according to rom manager your rom's the most outdated"
    Yeah, I'm not sure how to fix that. I kinda like it being easy to get to though. Lol. But sorry it's all the way down there :/

    "use the notification LED for notifications instead of the charging LED, like how CM7 has it?"
    I would actually love to add this... anybody have a working link to Wimax Notifier for Gingerbread?

    "Superuser FC still after update."
    Do a full wipe and then update to RC2. You should be good :)

    "you should maybe take a moment out of your day to answer the comments on your site"
    Thanks for calling me out :) I'll be on here more now. Sorry I'm not on ROM Manager, but I see the comments there.

  10. In these past couple days I've learned quite a bit but most importantly I've learned rom manager isn't all its cracked up to be. Manually downloading your rom here and manually flashing is not a big deal at all. I'm glad to see a new release posted and am downloading it as soon as I post this! Also, that LED on the right is for 4g? Why would they put an LED for signal... odd. Oh wow it's true, wtf kinda balls is that? Put that on the list of horrible design choices, but here's a random link I googled and know nothing about!

  11. Wait that one is dead, I guess people use

    Seriously, wtf was htc thinking!

  12. I love this rom. It works. Tried the latest Cyanogen and had no 3g. I use Rom Manager so I just got the latest OTA but lost 3g again. I rolled back to 1905RC1 and everything is fine. No problems. Going to run with this one for awhile.